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News and Analysis - Highlights:
       16 Nobel Prize-winning Economists Warn That Trump's Economic Plans Could Reignite Inflation, CBS News, Jun 25
       Piereson: The Nobel Laureates Strike Out, City Journal, Jun 26
       Emerging Threats to Financial Markets, RAND (blog), May '24
       China's EV Success Story Built on Price Wars, Tesla Factor, Bloomberg News, Jun 27
       Juhasz and Lane: A New Economics of Industrial Policy, Finance & Development, Jun /Aug '24

[recent links:]

       Rockstrom and Robinson: We Need To Stop Gambling With Our Planet -- and Our Well-being -- Now, context.org, Oct '23
Rogoff: The End of Magical Debt Thinking, Project Syndicate, Apr 30
       Johan Rockstrom Is One of The 100 Most Influential People of 2023, TIME, Apr '23

       Hulbert: The Stock Market Has Already Chosen a Winner in the 2024 US Presidential Election, MarketWatch, May 25
       Johan Rockstrom Wins 'Environmental Nobel Prize' for Identifying the Boundaries of Earth's Life-Support, Wall Street J, Feb 29

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