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       After Silicon Valley Bank failure, US guarantees all deposits to stem fallout, Reuters, Mar 12
Silicon Valley Bank's fall widens systemic cracks as cheap money vanishes, Reuters, Mar 12
       Silicon Valley Bank's demise began with downgrade threat, Reuters, Mar 11
       Silicon Valley Bank fallout spreads around world from London to Singapore, Bloomberg, Mar 12
       Bank shutdown sends shockwaves through Silicon Valley as CEOs race to make payroll, Reuters, Mar 11

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       El Erian: There is more inflation complexity ahead, Project Syndicate, Feb 11
       Springing people from the poverty trap, Mass Inst Tech (MIT) News, May '22
       "Pacers" help entrepreneurs in emerging economies stay in the race, Stanford Univ, Jun '22
       Hendrix & Bazilian: Markets for critical minerals are too prone to failure, Barron's, Dec '22
Rogoff: The looming financial contagion, Proj Synd, Jan 05       

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