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       Trade war results in substantial losses for US and other countries, Princeton Univ, Mar 04      
       Brill and Flint: Carbon tax most efficient in tackling climate change, Houston Chronicle, Mar 01    
       Class analyst – profile of
inequality scholar Branko Milanovic, Finance & Development, Mar/May '19

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       The Hanoi summit shines a light on the "Vietnam model" of development, Brookings (blog), Feb 27      
       Can we build a better society? International panel publishes report on social progress, Princeton U, Nov 29
On infrastructure - build more, build right, OECD Observer, Nov '15
       Rodrik: The good jobs challenge, Project Syndicate, Feb 14        
       Sachs: How can we achieve the Sustainable Devt Goals?, Dubai Policy Review (UAE), Jan 28  
       Chinese investment in infrastructure is often a diplomatic trap, Economist (UK), Feb 04
       The tax that could save the world, Univ Chicago, Feb 04

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