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       Hanke: Zimbabwe hyperinflates again, entering the record books, Forbes (US), Oct 28      
       Mankiw: How to improve the Trump tax plan, New York Times, Nov '17      
       Stiglitz: America has a monopoly problem - and it's huge, Nation (US), Oct 23

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       Countries agree on Pacific trade pact that excludes US, Politico (US), Nov 10
       US retreat should not stop Asian economic integration, Nikkei Asian Review (Japan), Nov '17      
rump bailed on a trade deal, and now a bunch of US businesses may suffer, CNBC, Nov 13      
       Three questions - Robert Shiller on Bitcoin, Yale Univ, Oct 19
       Rodrik: Growth without industrialization?, Project Syndicate, Oct 10    
       Rescuing US economic strategy in Asia, Brookings (blog), Oct 25      
       Has Trump captured the Fed?, Proj Synd, Nov 06

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