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News and Analysis - Highlights:

       Stiglitz: Geoeconomic and geopolitical implications of the pandemic, Foreign Policy Assn's Great Decisions 2020, Sep '20
       World Bank approves $12B to finance virus vaccines, care, Associated Press, Oct 14      
       Taylor: Removing new obstacles to free trade, Foreign Policy Assn's Great Decisions 2020, Sep '20

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       Garten: Memorandum for the next president, Subject: Managing US and global catastrophes, Foreign Policy Assn's Great Decisions, Sep '20
       2020 Nobel Prize in Economics - Awarded
to Milgrom and Wilson "for improvements to auction theory and inventions of new auction formats", Oct 12
       China joins Covax initiative, boosting bid to ensure fair access to Covid-19 vaccine, Reuters, Oct 09

           Nobel economists urge French Advent lockdown 'to save Christmas', Agence France-Presse, Sep 27
       Taking power - Chinese firm to run Laos electric grid amid default warnings, Reuters, Sep 04

       China does not takeover Lao power projects, says Laos state-owned power company, Electricite du Laos, Sep 10
       Electricite du Laos chief responds to the false reports from some foreign media, Lao National Television, Sep 21

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