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News and Analysis - Highlights:

       India, US struggling to bridge trade dispute as Trump visits, Associated Press, Feb 22      
       Raghuram Rajan's plan to fix the Indian economy, India Today, Dec '19      
       Mankiw: How to increase taxes on the rich (if you must), Peterson Inst, Oct '19
[recent links:]

       'Nightmare' for global tech with coronavirus fallout just beginning, Bloomberg, Feb 10        
       Global tourism takes major hit as coronavirus halts Chinese travel, AP, Feb 07      
       What low-income countries need is not more economic growth, it's less shrinking, The Conversation (UK), Dec '19
       Climate change pushes investors to take their temperature, Reuters, Jan 20      
       Big tech's harvest of sorrow?, Project Syndicate, Aug '19      
       Can trade protection jump-start an industry?, Amer Econ Assn, Nov '18
       Easterly: Sticky markets, tricky solutions - 'Good Economics for Hard Times' review, Wall St Jl, Nov '19

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