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       G7 leaders divided on climate change, closer on trade issues, Reuters, May 27      
       Romer slaughters kittens, New York Univ (blog), May 25      
       At the World Bank, a shortage of concrete (language), New York Times, Apr '16

[recent links:]

       Shiller: Understanding today's stagnation, Project Syndicate, May 23      
       World Bank's star economist is sidelined in war over words, Bloomberg, May 25
       Why Vietnam will shape the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Brookings (blog), May 19
       Quah: Can Asia lead the world?, South China Morning Post (HK), Apr '17      
       Milgrom: How obscure science led to spectrum auctions that connected the world, The Hill, Apr 30      
       Amartya Sen keeps his cool, Prospect (UK), Mar '17
       'Thought leaders' and the plutocrats who love them, Nation (US), Apr '17

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