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News and Analysis - Highlights:

       With call for 'raw data' and lab audits, WHO chief pressures China on pandemic origin probe, News from Science Mag, July 17
       China rebuffs WHO's terms for further Covid-19 origins study, Associated Press, July 23      
       As US troops leave, what's next for Afghanistan?, Stanford Univ News, July 19

[recent links:]

       Rodrik: Beware economists bearing policy paradigms, Project Syndicate, May '21      
       Amartya Sen, a memoir, Harvard Magazine, July 09      
       Backgrounder: Haiti's troubled path to development, Council on Foreign Relations, Mar '18
       From influences to friendships and intellectual concerns, Amartya Sen's memoir is rich in detail, The Wire (India), July 13
       Even before the president's assassination, Haiti was in crisis, National Public Radio, July 07
       From Bengal to Cambridge and beyond … insights into early life and times of economist and philosopher, Guardian, July 02
       Gagnon / Kamin: The G7 should go full-throttle on its vaccine agenda - It will save lives and pay for itself, Peterson Inst, June 21

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