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News and Analysis - Highlights:

       Stiglitz: The end of Neoliberalism and the rebirth of History, Project Syndicate, Nov 06      
       Easterly: In defense of Neoliberalism, Boston Review, Mar '19      
       Mankiw: Democrats Warren vs Yang -- Who has the better tax plan?, New York Times, Sep 29

[recent links:]

       Sachs: Why rich cities rebel, Proj Synd, Oct 22      
       Saez and Zucman: How to tax our way back to justice, NY Times, Oct 13      
       Rajan and Banerjee: Eight things India must do in 2019, Times of India (blog), Jan '19
       Wanted: A global green new deal, Proj Synd, Oct 10      
       The trouble with "renewable" energy, National Review, Oct 10      
       A scientific approach to evaluating global anti-poverty programs, PBS NewsHour, Aug 23
       2019 Nobel Prize in Economics -- Banerjee, Duflo, Kremer: "for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty", Oct 14    

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