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News and Analysis - Highlights:

       Stiglitz: Is stakeholder capitalism really back?, Project Syndicate, Sep 03      
       Argentina in 2019 - IMF should avoid mistakes repeatedly made in past bailouts, Brookings (blog), Sep 05
       Privacy vs transparency in combatting illicit financial flows, Finance & Development, Sep/Oct '19

[recent links:]

       Javdani and Chang: Ideology is dead! Long live ideology!, Inst New Econ Thinking, Aug '19
       AP Explains - The causes and risks of the Amazon fires, Associated Press, Aug 24      
       Cochrane: Forget the gold standard and make the dollar stable again, Wall Street Journal, July '19
       Sweden's development lead, OECD Observer, July '19
       Stiglitz and Assoc: Who are you going to believe, me or the evidence of your own eyes?, VoxEU, July 29
       The economic impacts of global climate change, Stanford Univ, Jan '19      
       The trilemma - Trade, development, and democracy, Harvard Magazine, July/Aug '19

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