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News and Analysis - Highlights:

       China applies to join Trans-Pacific trade pact to boost economic clout, Reuters, Sep 17
       Sens. Carper and Cornyn: The US needs to learn from its TPP mistake - and get its seat back at the table, WashPost, June '21
       Donors pledging billions in aid to Afghanistan face a challenge: Navigating the Taliban, CNBC, Sep 17
       Inquiry puts ex-World Bank officials under scrutiny on China, Associated Press, Sep 18

[recent links:]

       Analysis: The West owes Qatar a favor over Afghanistan, Reuters, Sep 08
       Costa Rica leads the way in cutting carbon emissions, RAND Review, Aug 30
       Eichengreen: Will central bank digital currencies doom dollar dominance?, Project Syndicate, Aug '21
       Dasgupta: Economics Nature's way, Finance & Development, Sep/Nov '21
       Interview: China's yuan likely to become Asia's central currency - Kenneth Rogoff, Nikkei (Japan), Aug '21
       Schott: Free trade in the Pacific - Wooing back the United States, Milken Inst Review, Aug 25       

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