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       Don't impose steel tariffs, Mr President, Open Letter from 15 Former White House Chief Economists, July '17
       The same deal (in trade), US News & World Report, Aug 11      
       The next generation of growth in Asia, Credit Suisse, Aug 11

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       Gramm and Solon: Reagan cut taxes, revenue boomed, Wall Street Journal (US), Aug 03      
       Sachs: Ending the Ronald Reagan lie, Boston Globe, July '17      
       A "dark side" to the commodity boom in Africa, Amer Econ Assn News, June 
       Expectations and reality collide in active labor market policies, World Bank, Mar '17
Tackling the 'nastiest, hardest problem in finance', Bloomberg, June '17   
       Which group will drive upswing in global growth? Big emerging markets vs G7, Brookings (blog), July 14
New study examines dynamics of developing nations' econ growth, Intl Food Policy Res Inst, May '17
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