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       New White House report, authored by trade hawk, blasts Chinese 'econ aggression', Wall St J, June 20      
       The real target of Trump's trade war is 'Made in China 2025', South China Morning Post (HK), June 17
       From the Aussie to soybeans and cars - what's at risk in a trade war?, Reuters, June 19

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       Rogoff: Are emerging markets the canary in the financial coal mine?, Project Syndicate, June 06        
       Tokyo is world city facing greatest risks - Lloyd's index, Reuters, June 
       Sherlock of trade, Finance and Development, June-Aug '18
       How much does infrastructure boost an economy?, MIT News, Apr 26             
       Boskin, Cochrane, Cogan, Shultz & Taylor: A debt crisis in the US is on the horizon, WashPost, Mar 27
       Lardy: China - Forced technology transfer and theft?, Peterson Inst (blog), Apr 20
          U Calif-Irvine's Navarro and Trump White House trades in controversy, OC Weekly (US), Mar '18

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