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emerging and frontier markets:

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Posted on Fri, 27 July 2018:

Trump hails Illinois steel mill as an economic success story, AP, 27 July 18:
Pres Trump on Thurs trumpeted the renewed success of an Illinois steel mill, pushing back against criticism that his escalating trade disputes are hurting American workers and farmers. The pres pointed to the US Steel plant’s reopening as a success story

Jared Bernstein: 'Unfair trade' means different things to different people, WashPost, 25 July 18:
Instead of applying an outdated tool -- tariffs -- to unscramble the globalization omelet and move backward, we should be looking around the next corner, writes Center on Budget and Policy Priorities senior fellow

What should we do about climate change?, Amer Econ Assn News, 11 Sep 17:
The controversy is no longer about whether climate change is real, or whether we should do something about it. In a new paper, Geoffrey Heal gives a whirlwind tour of what the solutions to climate change look like from an economist's perspective

Posted on Thu05 July 2018:

Shang-Jin Wei: Is China's innovation strategy an unfair trade policy?, Project Syndicate, 28 June 18 [courtesy Columbia U]:
In his statement announcing a 2nd round of punitive tariffs on imports from China, Pres Trump singled out the Chinese govt's "Made in China 2025" plan as a threat to US econ growth. Is there any merit to Trump's claim?, asks fmr Asian Devt Bank chief economist

Migrants and refugees are good for economies, Nature, by A Maxmen, 21 June 18:
"Some people say they would like to welcome refugees, but that we cannot afford it," says Hippolyte d'Albis from the Paris School of Economics, CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), who led the study. "But we have shown that historically it has not been a cost"

Hallway: 1776 was more about representation than taxation, National Bureau of Economic Research Digest, Dec '16:
"No taxation without representation" was the rallying cry of the American Revolution. Its political underpinnings have been discussed and debated for more than two hundred years. Yet there is one question that has remained difficult to answer

Posted on Thu, 21 June 2018:

New White House report, authored by trade hawk, blasts Chinese 'econ aggression', WSJ, 20 June 18 [via 4-Traders]:
The Trump admin is dialing up its rhetoric against Chinese trade practices in a report released Tue. The policy and the document meant to justify it reflect the mounting influence of its chief author, Tump trade adviser Peter Navarro       (White House report)

The real target of Trump's trade war is 'Made in China 2025', South China Morning Post/HK, by D Dodwell, 17 June 18:
Those who credit Donald Trump's trade policy team with a modicum of strategic intelligence insist that the unfolding trade war is actually nothing to do with tariffs, steel and aluminium or even cars

Coffers: From the Aussie to soybeans and cars - what's at risk in a trade war?, Reuters, 19 June 18:
Financial markets have been roiled by fears of an all-out trade war between the US and China, prompting investors to dump assets at risk from rising tariffs and seek safety in havens such as Japan's yen and US Treasury bonds

Posted on Fri, 08 June 2018:

Kenneth Rogoff: Are emerging markets the canary in the financial coal mine?, Project Syndicate, 06 June 18 [via New Times/Rwanda]:
Are brewing exchange-rate and debt crises in Argentina and Turkey localized events without broader implications? Or are they early warning signs of deeper fragilities in bloated global debt markets?, asks recipient of 2011 Deutsche Bank prize in financial econ

Tokyo is world city facing greatest risks - Lloyd's index, Reuters, 07 June 18 [courtesy Japan Today]:
Tokyo is the global city facing most risks to its annual econ output, acc to an index compiled by the Lloyd's of London insurance market, built
in collaboration with Cambridge Univ. New York ranks 2nd, with Manila in 3rd        (Lloyd's City Risk Index)

Sherlock of trade, Finance and Development, June-Aug '18:
A profile of the 2017 John Bates Clark Medal winner, awarded for the most significant contributions by an American economist under the age of 40, for studying the market for salt in 19th century India and the effects on trade of building a railroad

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