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Posted on Sun, 30 Sep 2018:

Warning system might have saved lives in Indonesian tsunami, AP, 30 Sep 18:
An early warning system that might have prevented some deaths has been stalled in the testing phase for years. It is too late for central Sulawesi, tragically highlighting the weaknesses of the existing warning system and low public awareness about how to respond to warnings

Did tariffs make America great? - 5 questions for trade historian Douglas Irwin, Amer Enterp Inst (blog), 07 Sep 18:
An economist at Dartmouth College, he is the author of Clashing over Commerce: A History of US Trade Policy (2017): Q--If you look at US trade policy since WW II, has it overall helped or hurt the American middle class? And has that changed throughout the decades?

Is there a remittance trap?, Finance & Development, Sep/Nov '18:
Many studies confirm that remittances are essential in the battle against poverty, lifting millions of families out of deprivation or bare subsistence. Yet, econ research has failed to find that remittances make a significant contribution to a country's econ growth

Posted on Wed, 19 Sep 2018:

Carmen and Vincent Reinhart: What we should have learned from the 2008 financial crisis, Foreign Affairs, 13 Sep 18:
"Why did nobody notice it?", Queen Elizabeth II asked of the crisis in Nov '08. Ten years later, the world has learned a lot, but that remains a good question, write Harvard economist; and Standish Mellon chief economist

Weathervane: How design of cities must change to withstand 'category 6' mega storms, CNN, 17 Sep 18:
More powerful than Hurricane Florence that hit the US, Typhoon Mangkhut breached sea defenses, flooded buildings esp. in coastal areas, blew out windows, tore off roofs, downed trees and ominously swayed some high-rise apartment blocks

Michael Spence: Emerging vulnerabilities in emerging economies, Project Syndicate, 26 Aug 18 [via Jordan Times]:
Financial investors understand that adequate returns may persist for a while, but that risks may necessitate a hasty exit at any moment. As one economist puts it in the title of a recent report: “Enjoy the party, but stay close to the door”, writes 2001 Nobel Laureate

Posted on Tue, 28 Aug 2018:

How the latest US-Mexico trade deal looks to overhaul NAFTA -- 5 things to know, Reuters, 28 Aug 18 [via Times of India]:
US and Mexico agreed on Mon to a sweeping trade deal that pressures Canada to accept new terms to keep the trilateral North American Free Trade Agreement. Here are some of the main issues at the heart of the negotiations

Deaton, Heckman, Stiglitz & Assoc: Buzzwords and tortuous impact studies won't fix a broken aid system, Guardian, July '18:
15 leading economists, incl 3 Nobel winners, argue that the many billions of dollars spent on aid can do little to alleviate poverty while we fail to tackle its root causes         (Banerjee and Duflo: Pushing evidence-based policymaking for the poor)

Richard Schmalensee: Handicapping the high-stakes race to net-zero, Milken Inst Review, 31 July 18:
To contain the climate-related damage, climate policy must aim for zero net global human-caused carbon dioxide emissions -- net-zero for short -- sooner rather than later, writes MIT Ctr Energy & Environmental Policy fmr dir

Posted on Fri, 10 Aug 2018:

On trade, respectful disagreement, Amer Enterp Inst (blog), by C Barfield, 30 July 18:
Though hard to explain to the outside world, AEI scholars often disagree on important issues. In that spirit, I want to register a dissent from my colleague's article. Trump does indeed have a radical agenda, but it is not in the cause of free trade, writes Inst resident scholar

Greg Mankiw: Learning the right lessons from the financial crisis, NYT, 29 July 18 [PDF]:
What caused the financial crisis of 2008? Are policymakers ready to handle the next one? These are key questions for anyone interested in econ history and policy. Yet a new book questions the conventional wisdom about it, writes Pres GW Bush's Council Econ Advisers chair

Global investment competitiveness -- New insights on foreign direct investment, World Bank (blog), by A Gonzalez, 26 Oct 17:
Investment incentives may help attract FDI but are generally effective only when investors are wavering between similar locations as a new export base. A new report combines a survey of 750 multinational investors with detailed analysis concerning FDI in developing nations

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