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Posted on Thu, 30 Apr 2020:

Gallery Wall (Part 3): Outbreak -- Which governments are doing well?

In Taiwan, the coronavirus pandemic is playing out very differently. What does life without a lockdown look like?, NBC News, 23 Apr 20:
One economy that managed to avoid a lockdown, and which has been functioning better than many others is Taiwan's. It has recorded only about 400 confirmed cases and 6 deaths, even though it lies off the coast of China

Germany bets on S. Korean model in virus fightback, AFP, 30 Mar 20 [via Yahoo News]:
In the race against the coronavirus, Germany is betting on widespread testing and quarantining to break the infection chain, a strategy borrowed from S. Korea whose success in slowing the outbreak has become the envy of the world

Sweden bucks global trend with experimental virus strategy, FT, 25 Mar 20:
Sweden has become an international outlier in its response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak by keeping schools open and adopting few other restrictions, as the Scandinavian nation embarks on what one health expert called a "huge experiment"

22 Swedish scientists say coronavirus strategy has failed as deaths top 1,000, Forbes, 15 Apr

Posted on Wed, 22 Apr 2020:

Gallery Wall (Part 2): Outbreak -- Which governments are doing well?

Combating Covid-19: Lessons from South Korea, Brookings Inst (blog), by M Ahn, 13 Apr 20:
At this critical juncture, this article provides a list of actions South Korea took in its fight against the virus that other countries may consider, says Univ Mass-Boston public policy prof

Study shows Iceland got it right with early, widespread virus testing, AFP, 15 Apr 20 [via France24]:
Iceland has provided a textbook example of how to get out ahead of a looming pandemic: per capita, it has tested more people than any other country on earth and it got started a month before the 1st case was even confirmed

Vietnam has reported no coronavirus deaths – how?, The Conversation, by Klinger-Vidra and Tran, 21 Apr 20:
Vietnam – a developing country that has a large land border with China and a pop. of 97 mil. people – has not reported a single death from coronavirus, write King's College Lond academic and U Bath PhD cand.

Sen, Rajan and Banerjee: 'Huge numbers may be pushed into dire poverty or starvation. . .we need to secure them', Indian Express, 17 Apr 20:
The correct response is to issue temporary ration cards with minimal checks to everyone who wants one and is willing to stand in line to collect their card and their monthly rations, write Nobel Laureates '98 and '19, and fmr central bank gov

Posted on Sat, 11 Apr 2020:

Gallery Wall (Part 1): Outbreak -- Which governments are doing well?

Israel, ranked 'safest' place in pandemic, draws on Asia's lessons, Nikkei Asian Review, 06 Apr 20 [via Saigon Dau Tu]:
Last week, when a venture fund based in Hong Kong and London (Deep Knowledge Ventures) ranked the safest places to be during the pandemic, Israel came out on top, at least for now, based on 76 parameters

DeepKnowledgeGroup COVID-19 safety ranking of countries

Global growth plunges; future rebound's pace hinges on reducing econ scarring and coronavirus testing and tracking, Peterson Inst, 10 Apr 20:
Global econ activity is dropping at an unprecedented pace, with US output on track to decline at an annual rate of 50 percent in the 2nd qtr and then resume growth in the 2nd half of the year

Flatten the curve without flattening the economy in low- and middle-income countries, Ctr Glob Devt (blog), 06 Apr:
In high-income countries, massive debt-financed fiscal packages will help households and businesses "keep the lights on". But using these same tactics may be completely impractical in low- and middle-income countries

Posted on Sun, 29 Mar 2020:

Modi apologizes to India's poor as lockdown criticism mounts, Reuters, 29 Mar 20:
India's PM Modi asked the nation's poor for forgiveness on Sun (29 Mar), as the econ and human toll from his 21-day nationwide lockdown deepens and criticism mounts about a lack of adequate planning ahead of the decision

IMF managing dtr: IMF policy action for a healthy global economy, IMF (blog), 16 Mar 20:
While quarantining and social distancing is the right prescription to combat Covid-19's public health impact, the exact opposite is needed when it comes to securing the global economy

OECD Devt Ctr dtr: Covid-19 -- time to unleash the power of international cooperation, OECD (blog), 26 Mar:
A health crisis has set off a global econ crisis in an unprecedented scenario. Major outbreaks in developing countries could cause the collapse of weak health systems and expose gaps in social protection programs

Posted on Mon, 09 Mar 2020:

Standard US economic weapons may be inadequate for coronavirus crisis, Reuters, 07 Mar 20:
As the risks of the outbreak continue to rise, US officials are wrestling with what to do in the worst-case econ scenarios, if large numbers of people can't go to work, are told to stay home, or stop going out in public entirely          (Swiss govt to virus-hit companies: don't expect helicopter money)

Potential impact of the coronavirus epidemic: What we know and what we can do, IMF (blog), 04 Mar 20:
We know that this shock to the economy is somewhat unusual as it affects both supply and demand. Supply will be disrupted due to the illnesses and deaths caused, but also the containment efforts that restrict mobility and the restricted supply chains          (Fiscal policies to protect people during the outbreak)

Boardroom/C-suite:  Covid-19 -- Implications for business, McKinsey, 09 Mar 20:
The virus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy. This article is intended to provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies

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