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Latest Web Links -- Tue, 20 June 2017:

Global Innovation Index 2017 - Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, UK top annual ranking, Cornell U/ INSEAD/ WIPO, 15 June 17:
Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, US and UK are the world's most-innovative countries, while a group of nations incl India, Kenya, and Viet Nam are outperforming their devt-level peers, acc to the index

Martin Feldstein: Why the US is still richer than every other large country, Harvard Bus. Rev, 20 Apr 17 [courtesy Harvard]:
Each year, the US produces more per person than most other advanced economies, like Germany, France, UK and Italy. The US remains richer than its peers. But why?, asks Pres Reagan’s Council Econ Advisers chair

Pathways to profits for micro and small enterprises, Intl Growth Ctr/UK (blog), by B Zia, 11 Oct 16 [via World Bank]:
Numerous studies on micro and small firms from around the world have shown that: (a) microenterprises are ubiquitous; and (b) only a very small percentage of such firms scale up to become SMEs. The obvious question is why?, asks WB senior economist

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Posted on Sun, 18 June  2017:

Michael Boskin: Birth of a Trump doctrine?, Project Syndicate, 16 June 17 [via Japan Times]:
The US pres views himself as a great deal-maker, but it remains to be seen if his strategy of renegotiating or withdrawing from one intl accord at a time will prove effective, writes Pres GH Bush's Council Econ Advisers chair

Five innovations at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Ctr Global Devt, by Birdsall and Morris, 25 May 17:
We visited the AIIB a few weeks ago, and heard more about what is likely to be the same - as at the 5 big legacy banks (World Bank and the 4 regional devt banks) - and what is likely to be different, write Ctr pres emeritus; and senior fellow

A case for cautious optimism - Global foreign direct investment to rise by 5 percent in 2017, United Nations, 07 June 17:
Global FDI is expected to rise by 5 pct due to higher econ growth expectations across major regions, a resumption of growth in trade and a recovery in corporate profits
, acc to the "World Investment Report 2017"

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