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emerging and frontier markets:

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Latest Web Links -- Sun, 18 Mar 2018:

Martin Feldstein: The real reason for Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, Project Syndicate, 15 Mar 18 [PDF, via Harvard]:
Like almost all economists, I prefer low trade tariffs or no tariffs at all. How, then, can Pres Trump's decision to impose substantial tariffs on imports be justified?, asks Pres Reagan's Council Econ Advisers chair       (UC-Irvine's Navarro and Trump White House trades in controversy)

John Cochrane: Trump’s tariffs will hurt trade, and trade is a good thing – really, Fox News, 06 Mar 18 [via Cato Inst]:
In a remarkable achievement, Pres Trump has united the nation's economists by proposing tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, designed to reduce imports of those goods, writes Univ Chicago economist / Inst adjunct scholar

Profile of 2014 Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, 09 Mar 18:
The Toulouse School of Econ prof sees a close similarity between econ and the "caring profession" of medicine. Like the cancer specialist, the economist makes a diagnosis on the basis of the best available (though necessarily imperfect) knowledge

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Posted on Tue, 06 Mar 2018:

Fred Bergsten: How not to mobilize against China, Peterson Inst (blog), 06 Mar 18:
To effectively attack China's trade and investment policies, the US must have allies. We no longer have the power to unilaterally compel other countries, esp. a superpower like China, to mend their ways, writes Inst dir emeritus

Guriev, Leipziger and Ostry: Inclusive growth or else, Project Syndicate, 07 Feb 18 [via Financial Express/Bangladesh]:
Participants at Davos did not question the basic building blocks of growth. But they did criticize how unfairly the benefits of growth are being distributed, write Europ. Bank Reconstr & Devt chief economist; Growth Dialogue manag dir; and IMF Res Dept dep dir

Escape artist, Finance & Development, Mar/May '18:
A profile of 2015 Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton: In The Great Escape (2013), he argued that foreign aid can be harmful because it makes recipient govts more accountable to foreign donors than to their own people

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