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Latest Web Links -- Thu13 May 2021:

Covid-19 cases double in Seychelles, the world's most-vaccinated nation, Bloomberg, 11 May 21 [via Straits Times / S'pore]:
The Seychelles, a group of palm-fringed tropical islands in the Indian Ocean off Africa's east coast, which has vaccinated more of its population against covid-19 than any other country, saw active cases more than double last week, raising concerns that inoculation is not helping turn the tide in some places

How will a waiver on Covid-19 vaccine patents affect global supply?, BMJ (British Medical Journal), 10 May 21:
The Biden admin made the surprise announcement
last week that the US would support a proposal to waive patents on covid-19 vaccines. The World Trade Org has yet to approve the waiver, but if it did experts believe that it would be 2022 at the earliest before the world could expect to see additional capacity

How will Covid-19 ultimately impact climate change?, MIT News, 29 Jan 21:
Biz closures. Travel restrictions. Working / learning from home. These dramatic responses to covid-19 have caused sharp reductions in econ activity -- and associated fossil fuel consumption -- around the world. As a result, many nations are reporting significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions for the year 2020

Digitizing supply chains to lift farmers out of poverty, MIT News, Sep '20:
Millions of poor cocoa farmers across western Africa have been forced to contend with geopolitical instability, predatory loan practices, and a general lack of info that hampers their ability to maximize yields and sell crops at fair prices.  For the last five years, however, their cocoa supply chains have been transformed

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Posted on Sat, 01 May 2021:

Experts criticize India's complacency over covid-19, Lancet, 01 May 21:
India is battling a second wave, which has rapidly surpassed its first wave in 2020. Mass gatherings have been permitted as cases soar and patients die, while experts criticize a lack of planning and flexibility in the pandemic response. The most palpable crisis in the country currently is a shortage of oxygen in hospitals

Book Value: Jean Drze -- Foreword to How To Read Amartya Sen, by Lawrence Hamilton, Scroll.in, 25 Oct 20:
Amartya Sen is known not only as a great mind but also as someone who is keen to bring about practical change in the world. Indeed, he is, ultimately, a man of action, even if his preferred tool of action is not climbing barricades or shooting petitions but public reasoning -- "arguments for a better world", writes Delhi Sch Econ honorary prof

Top economists warn covid-19 impacts will be severe and long-lasting for developing countries, UN News, 26 Apr 21:
The multilateral system has to fundamentally change in the spirit of intl solidarity to confront the severe impacts of covid-19, according to members of the UN high-level advisory board. They explored various approaches to confront the crisis, with inequalities, climate change and lack of access to covid vaccines topping the priority list

Jeffrey Frankel: What three economists taught us about currency arrangements, Harvard Univ (blog), 24 Apr 21:
A generation of great international economists is passing from the scene. Richard Cooper was teaching his classes at Harvard until the very end. Robert Mundell was a Nobel laureate. And John Williamson had been the first scholar hired by the Peterson Inst. As a personal note, I was fortunate to know all three, writes Harvard economist

Posted on Wed, 21 Apr 2021:

Greta Thunberg contributes 100,000 euros to covid-19 vaccine equity initiative, UN News, 19 Apr 21:
The teenage climate activist has donated 100,000 euros from her foundation to boost global efforts by the UN-backed Covax program to deliver vaccines to anyone, anywhere, who needs them, the World Health Org announced on Mon (19 Apr). She urged the intl community to address the "tragedy" of vaccine inequity

Gaspar, Keen, Klemm and Mauro: A covid-19 recovery contribution, IMF (blog), 16 Apr 21:
Policy makers could consider introducing covid-19 recovery contributions to raise the resources needed for an inclusive recovery. The basic idea would be that those who can afford to pay more -- individuals with high incomes or businesses with extraordinary profits -- should make a greater contribution from their earnings

John Williamson, economist who devised 'Washington Consensus' model of reform, dies at 83, WashPost, 15 Apr 21 [via The Nation/Thailand]:
Williamson began his career as a univ prof and had stints working for the British govt, IMF and the World Bank. In 1989, after consulting economists at the IMF, World Bank, Treas Dept and the Fed, he suggested a list of 10 ideas to spur and safeguard econ development, which became known as the 'Washington Consensus

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