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Latest Web Links -- Fri, 27 Nov 2020:

World's poorest must not be 'trampled' in race to get Covid vaccines - WHO, BBC News, 24 Nov 20:
The world's poorest and most vulnerable must not be "trampled in the stampede" for Covid-19 vaccines, the head of the World Health Org has warned. He said successful vaccines must be distributed equitably and that $4.3 bil. was needed to help fund a sharing scheme

Petri and Plummer:  RCEP - A new trade agreement that will shape global economics and politics, Brookings (blog), 16 Nov 20:
The 10 ASEAN members and 5 regional partners signed the Regional Comprehensive Econ Partnership. RCEP and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership are the only major free trade agreements signed in the Trump era, write Inst senior fellow; and Johns Hopkins U economist

'Foundational and necessary change' needed to heal post-Covid world - UN chief, UN News, 24 Nov 20:
With the pandemic precipitating one of the world's worst health, socioeconomic and humanitarian crises in over a century, the UN chief told a high-level discussion of  'Rebirthing the Global Economy to Deliver Sustainable Devt for All' to "make real, foundational, and necessary change"

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Posted on Thu, 12 Nov 2020

Economist Jeffrey Sachs on the US elections, Der Spiegel, 10 Nov 20:
"US politics is basically a fight between those with a college education and those with a high school education." The man who was once the godfather of the birth of capitalism in East Europe is now working to curb the influence of the free market in the US. He discusses his expectations for Pres-elect Biden

How economists can help combat Covid-19, Amer Econ Assn, 11 Nov 20:
Epidemiology used to be a quiet discipline whose experts were not much used to being in the public eye. Then Covid-19 happened. In the Journal of Econ Perspectives, a Boston U epidemiologist makes the case that economists have an important role to play in studying and responding to it

Singapore to start 'world first' air travel bubble with Hong Kong, Bloomberg, 11 Nov 20 [via Hindustan Times/India]:
Hong Kong and Singapore will start an air travel bubble that will replace quarantine with Covid-19 testing from 22 Nov, officials said. The Singapore transport minister said that this was the 1st travel bubble of its type and may be used as a template for other countries, if successful

Posted on Thu, 29 Oct 2020

So what if Biden is up in the polls? Weren't they wrong last time?, Reuters, 29 Oct 20:
If the polls were always right, Hillary Clinton should be running for re-election, not Trump. She consistently led Trump in state and national polls in 2016 before he won the White House, just like Biden does now. But opinion poll experts say there are good reasons to trust this year's polls more

Record 200 days with no local cases makes Taiwan envy of world, Bloomberg, 29 Oct 20 [via BNN Bloomberg]:
While many countries around the world are hitting new highs in coronavirus cases, including Europe and the US, Taiwan has achieved a different kind of record -- 200 days without a locally transmitted case.
 It holds the world's best virus record by far and reached the new landmark on Thu (29 Oct)

US sows more WTO turmoil by vetoing front-runner for top job, Bloomberg, 29 Oct 20 [via BNN Bloomberg]:
The US’s lone resistance to the majority-backed candidate opens the possibility of months of gridlock over the selection process and more diplomatic friction. WTO decisions are made by a consensus of its 164 members, which means a single country -- esp. the world's largest economy -- can create a stalemate to pressure others

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