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Latest Web Links -- Thu, 27 July 2017:

Joseph Stiglitz: Why tax cuts for the rich solve nothing, Project Syndicate, 27 July 17 [via Euronews]:
Although America's right-wing plutocrats may disagree about how to rank the country's major problems, the solution is always the same: lower taxes and deregulation, to "incentivize" investors and "free up" the economy, writes 2001 Nobel Laureate

Broadening financing options for infrastructure in Emerging Asia, OECD (blog), by Tanaka and Ibrahim, 13 Apr 17:
Agreeing on the need for new infra is one thing; finding a sustainable way to finance it is another. How best to finance infra is, therefore, a key concern for policy makers, write Development Ctr Asia Desk head; and economist

Straight from North Korea - Traveling to NK: brave or crazy?, Korea Times, by D Bandow, 21 July 17:
In the popular mind, there may be no more forbidding destination on earth. I’ve never had as many people ask if I was serious when I mentioned I was heading to North Korea last month, writes Cato Inst senior fellow

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Posted on Tue, 25 July  2017:

South Korea shifts gears, aims at more labor-friendly growth, AP, 25 July 17:
S.Korea's new leadership has promised to help many left behind as the country grew prosperous, laying out a new five-year econ plan that promises to boost incomes and improve the country's sagging social safety net

Steve Hanke: 20th anniversary, Asian Financial Crisis - Clinton, the IMF and Wall Street Journal toppled Suharto, Forbes, 06 July 17:
By Jan '98, Pres Suharto realized that the IMF medicine was not working and sought a 2nd opinion. In Feb, I was invited to offer that opinion and was appointed as Suharto's Special Counselor, writes Johns Hopkins Univ economist

What we have seen and learned 20 years after the Asian Financial Crisis, IMF (blog), by M Furusawa, 13 July 17:
The 20th anniversary is a good moment to ask whether the region is better prepared today to address another major shock. Important vulnerabilities remain, but the overall picture is one of greater resilience, writes IMF dep managing dir

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