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Latest Web Links -- Mon, 20 Jan 2020:

Coffers: Climate change pushes investors to take their temperature, Reuters, 20 Jan 20:
Move over revenue growth and dividend payouts: it's time to take your portfolio's temperature. As policy makers push investors to do more to ensure their portfolio choices help to combat climate change, a vanguard of insurers and pension funds say part of the answer is a new "temperature score"

Daron Acemoglu: Big tech's harvest of sorrow?, Project Syndicate, 10 Aug 19 [via New Europe/Belgium]:
Applying science to social problems has brought huge dividends in the past. But history is also replete with disasters caused by the power of science and the zeal to improve the human condition, writes co-author of Why Nations Fail (2012)

Can trade protection jump-start an industry?--Testing the infant-industry argument, Amer Econ Assn, 26 Nov 18:
In East Asia, places like South Korea and Taiwan, industrial policy coincided with spectacular growth miracles. But in Latin America, it coincided with economic stagnation. One author looked back further in history, and stumbled upon a natural experiment

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Posted on Fri10 Jan 2020:

Joseph Stiglitz: Is growth passe? , Project Syndicate, 11 Dec 19 [via Zawya/Saudi Arabia]:
Climate change represents the most salient risk we face. It's clear: we are living beyond our planet's limits. Unless we change something, the consequences will be dire. Should that something be our focus on econ growth?, asks 2001 Nobel Laureate

William Easterly: Sticky markets, tricky solutions -- Review of 'Good Economics for Hard Times', WSJ, 17 Nov 19 [PDF, courtesy Author]:
Proponents of market reforms are quick to tout the benefits that markets have to deliver. But as Banerjee and Duflo, two of this year's Nobel laureates in econ, repeatedly show in their new book, some apologists have a tendency to overpromise, writes NYU economist

Anabel Gonzalez: Three trade challenges for least developed countries (LDCs) to converge and eradicate poverty, OECD (blog), June '19:
Trade is a critical contributor to growth, helping to boost incomes, create jobs through new market access opportunities and reduce poverty. So, how can more LDCs benefit from trade? These trade challenges need to be tackled, writes Peterson Inst senior fellow / fmr WB and WTO dir

Posted on Fri, 27 Dec 2019:

Jean Pisani-Ferry: The great wealth tax debate, Project Syndicate, 31 Oct 19 [via Peterson Inst]:
Inequality is back at the forefront of econ policy debates, for good reason. While a wealth tax is no panacea, at the very least the idea does not deserve to be banished as a heresy, writes European University Inst econ chair holder / Inst visiting fellow

Pinner and Woetzel: The climate risk you may not be thinking about, GreenBiz, 08 Oct 19 [via Mckinsey]:
The most significant risk from climate change in the near term is not from a future of extreme weather - we know it is coming - but whether we have adapted to an increasingly volatile present, write McK senior partner; and Global Inst dir

The 2019 Business Book of the Year shortlist, McKinsey (blog), 25 Sep 19:
The shortlist is long on ambition and quality and far-ranging in subject matter. Among the 5 titles is Raghuram Rajan's The Third Pillar: How markets and the state leave the community behind       (U Chicago News: Q&A with author | Book excerpt: Route to reform)

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