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emerging and frontier markets:

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Latest Web Links -- Thu, 21 Feb 2019:

Dani Rodrik: The good jobs challenge, Project Syndicate, 14 Feb 19 [via Jordan Times]:
Every economy in the world today is divided between an advanced segment, typically globally integrated, employing a minority of the labor force, and a low-productivity segment that absorbs the bulk of the workforce, often at low wages and under poor conditions, writes Harvard economist

Jeffrey Sachs: How can we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? Strategic policy directions, Dubai Policy Review/UAEmirates, 28 Jan 19:
The world is very rich, and if we choose, we can end poverty, protect the environment, and assure every child access to quality education and health care. These paradoxical facts are the main motivation for the SDGs, writes Columbia U Ctr Sustainable Devt dir

Chinese investment in infrastructure is often a diplomatic trap, Economist, 04 Feb 19 [courtesy author’s site]:
At a projected cost of $20bn, the East Coast Rail Link, planned to run down peninsular Malaysia's eastern seaboard, is the 2nd-biggest of all the projects of China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)          (China's BRI
may bankrupt 8 nations while financing infra)

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Posted on Mon, 11 Feb 2019:

Eswar Prasad: Why Trump's pick for World Bank president is a threat to the institution itself, WashPost, 07 Feb 19:
As with a number of other Trump admin nominees in various agencies, Malpass is known for his antagonism toward the institution and its core objectives, not to mention his open hostility to multilateralism, writes Cornell U economist / Brookings senior fellow

Daniel Runde: Time for the world to get behind David Malpass for World Bank president, The Hill, 05 Feb 19:
He has a strong understanding of what the WB can do and believes in its mission. He was originally a skeptic of the recent WB capital increase, but ultimately his leadership was critical in getting the Trump admin to support it, writes Ctr Strategic & Intl Studies senior vice-pres

The tax that could save the world, Univ Chicago, 04 Feb 19:
It was, perhaps, the closest that the econ profession has ever come to a consensus. 43 of the world's most eminent economists, incl 
27 Nobel laureates, signed a statement calling for a US carbon tax        (Economists' statement on carbon dividends, WSJ) [courtesy Climate Leadership Council]

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