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Latest Web Links --  Sat, 13 July 19:

Pentagon races to track US rare earths output amid China trade dispute, Reuters, 12 July 19:
The Pentagon is rapidly assessing the US rare earths capability in a race to secure stable supply of the specialized material amid the country’s trade conflict with China, which controls the rare earths industry, acc to a govt document seen by Reuters

Kenneth Rogoff: The case for a World Carbon Bank, Project Syndicate, 09 July 19 [via Stabroek News/Guyana]:
To the dismay of many energy experts, the World Bank recently rather capriciously decided to stop funding virtually all new fossil-fuel plants, including natural gas. One cannot let the perfect become the enemy of good, writes Harvard economist

Andy Sumner: 5 facts about global poverty that may surprise you, OECD (blog), Mar '19:
Only a small set of 25 developing countries remain 'stuck' in terms of slow or no economic growth, writes King's College London economist          (The future of devt cooperation: Not the end, just the beginning of a new era?)

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Posted on Sat, 29 June 2019:

An icon of the Left tells Democrats: Don't go socialist, Foreign Policy, 20 May 19:
Now that the backlash against Democratic centrism has made itself felt at the hands of an angry middle class — many of whom voted for Trump — and the party has tacked leftward in his direction, Joseph Stiglitz finds himself in the unusual position of urging caution

Countries are ranked on everything from health to happiness. What's the point?, Natl Public Radio (blog), 14 June 19:
It's a brand new ranking. It gives 129 nations a score for progress on achieving gender equality by 2030. Here's the quick summary: Things are "good" in much of Europe and N America. And "very poor" in much of sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, that's the way it looks in many global rankings

Greg Mankiw on economic advice, climate change and trade, Dallas Fed Economics (blog), 28 Mar 19:
"I don't think economists fully understand the set of constraints that politicians operate under, probably because we have tenure, so we can say whatever we want. The politicians don't. They constantly have to get approval by the voters," says Pres GW Bush's Council Econ Advisers head

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