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Latest Web Links -- Mon, 20 Sep 2021:

China applies to join Trans-Pacific trade pact to boost economic clout, Reuters, 17 Sep 21 [via AGCanada]:
China formally applied to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in a letter to New Zealand's trade minister, the commerce ministry said. Japan said it would have to determine if China meets the "extremely high standards" of the free trade agreement

Donors pledging billions in aid to Afghanistan face a challenge: Navigating the Taliban, CNBC, 17 Sep 21:
International donors at a UN conference in Geneva incl the US and European states pledged more than $1 bil. in aid. But this presents a fresh dilemma for donors, amid fears of widespread human rights abuses by the Taliban, and amid concerns over new opportunities for corruption and misuse of donation funds

Inquiry puts ex-World Bank officials under scrutiny on China, AP, 18 Sep 21:
Fmr WB officials are under pressure after an investigation 
by the law firm WilmerHale found that Kristalina Georgieva, then the chief exec, and the office of Jim Yong Kim, then the pres, pressured staff members to alter data on global business conditions in order to favor China and some other govts

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Posted on Fri, 10 Sep 2021:

Analysis: The West owes Qatar a favor over Afghanistan, Reuters, 08 Sep 21 [via msn]:
Since the US withdrawal, the world's top diplomats have been beating a path to Qatar. Few moves appear to have paid quite as large a diplomatic dividend as its role when it let the Taliban open the group's main international office in 2013 and provided the venue for peace talks that led to the US agreement to withdraw

Partha Dasgupta: Economics Nature's way, Finance & Development, Sep/Nov '21:
The achievements of econ growth conceal a simple truth, which has profound consequences not only for how we think about and practice economics, but also for the way we live our lives. All the prosperity we have enjoyed relies on the Nature that surrounds us, writes author of The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review

Interview: China's yuan likely to become Asia's central currency -- Kenneth Rogoff, Nikkei / Japan, 10 Aug 21 [PDF, courtesy Harvard]:
Fifty years after the event in the summer of 1971 dubbed as the "Nixon shock", the US dollar still retains its status as the world's key currency. But will this last for the foreseeable future? Nikkei sat down with Rogoff, Harvard economist, to discuss the future of the monetary system

Posted on Mon, 30 Aug 2021:

Acemoglu: Why nation-building failed in Afghanistan, Project Syndicate, 24 Aug 21 [via Channel NewsAsia / S'pore]:
US policymakers were assuming that if you can establish overwhelming military dominance over a territory, you can then impose your will. Yet in most places, this theory is only half right; and in Afghanistan, it was dead wrong, writes co-author (with J Robinson) of Why Nations Fail: The origins of power, prosperity and poverty (2013)

Is delta unstoppable?, Harvard Gazette, 24 Aug 21:
Steep declines in delta variant outbreaks in India and, more recently, the UK, are likely not due to the nations reaching 'herd immunity' or viral behavior, but rather because of shifts in human behavior prompted by mounting cases and deaths, Harvard experts say. Lessons from abroad suggest simple, familiar tactics can rein in the Covid variant

The future of development - Lessons from China's success (and failures), Ctr Global Devt, by Devarajan and Dissanayake, 26 Aug 21:
Many countries and economists have turned to China's
dramatic econ growth and poverty reduction for ideas on how to reduce poverty elsewhere, with decidedly mixed results. The presentation by the author of How China Escaped the Poverty Trap (2016) was built around this impulse, and why it leads so many astray

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