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emerging and frontier markets:

the unofficial field guide

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Latest Web Links --  Sat, 09 Nov 19:

Joseph Stiglitz: The end of Neoliberalism and the rebirth of History, Project Syndicate, 06 Nov 19 [courtesy Columbia Univ]:
The credibility of neoliberalism's faith in unfettered markets as the surest road to shared prosperity is on life-support these days. And well it should be. The simultaneous waning of confidence in neoliberalism and in democracy is no coincidence, writes 2001 Nobel Laureate

William Easterly: In defense of Neoliberalism, Boston Review, Mar '19:
Since complaints about the domination of market fundamentalism seem to greatly outnumber pro-fundamentalist manifestos, critics may have trouble finding debate partners who will defend ideological, fundamentalist, fetishist neoliberalism. As a favor to them, I will volunteer to be at least a neoliberal, writes NYU economist

Gregory Mankiw: Democrats Warren vs Yang -- Who has the better tax plan?, NYT, 29 Sep 19 [courtesy Harvard]:   
In the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Mass. Sen. Warren and Andrew Yang, a fmr tech exec and entrepreneur, have both proposed bold plans for redistributing econ resources. Their plans are as different as can be, writes Pres G W Bush's Council Econ Advisers chair

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Posted on Thu, 31 Oct 2019:

Jeffrey Sachs: Why rich cities rebel, Project Syndicate, 22 Oct 19 [via Author’s website]:
Having lost touch with public sentiment, officials in Paris, Hong Kong, and Santiago failed to anticipate that a seemingly modest policy action (a fuel-tax increase, an extradition bill, and higher metro prices) would trigger a massive social explosion, writes Columbia U Ctr Sustainable Devt dir

Saez and Zucman: How to tax our way back to justice, NYT, 13 Oct 19 [courtesy Boston U]:
America's soaring inequality has a new engine: its regressive tax system. Over the past half century, even as their wealth rose to previously unseen heights, the richest Americans watched their tax rates collapse, write U Calif-Berkeley co-authors of The Triumph of Injustice (released on 15 Oct)

Nook & cranny: Rajan and Banerjee -- Eight things India must do in 2019, Times of India (blog), Jan '19):
Last Oct, thirteen of us got together in the hope that we could start a conversation by identifying a set of econ policy ideas. While our views stretch across the spectrum, we found surprising agreement on the reforms India needs now, write fmr central bank governor; and 2019 Nobel co-Laureate

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