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Latest Web Links -- Sun, 31 May 2020:

Canada PM, allies call for global unity at UN summit on pandemic recovery, CBC News, 29 May 20:
PM Trudeau co-hosted with UN Sec-Gen Guterres and Jamaican PM Holness the hours-long video conference. More than 50 heads of state and govt participated in the
meeting -- including Germany's Merkel, France's Macron and UK's Johnson. US Pres Trump did not take part

Did Japan just beat the virus without lockdowns or mass testing?, Bloomberg, 27 May [via LA Times]:
Japan's state of emergency ended Mon (25 May) with new cases of the coronavirus dwindling to mere dozens. It got there despite largely ignoring the default playbook. Yet the curve has been flattened, with deaths well below 1,000 people, by far the fewest among the G7 nations

The coronavirus has upended supply chains. Here's how companies can prepare for the next disruption, Northwestern U Kellogg Sch, 23 Mar 20:
There have been shortages in products such as hand sanitizer and masks. Hand sanitizer is simple to produce, allowing other producers, such as perfume manufacturers and distilleries, to step into the breach. Masks present a trickier problem, however, in that they are produced almost exclusively in China

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Posted on Thu, 21 May 2020:

Summers:  COVID-19 looks like a hinge in history, FT, 14 May 20:
The COVID-19 crisis is the third major shock to the global system in the 21st century, following the 2001 terror attacks and the 2008 financial crisis. I suspect it is by far the most significant, writes fmr US Treasury secy / Harvard prof

World leaders unite in call for a people's vaccine against COVID-19, UNAIDS / Oxfam, 14 May 20:
More than 140 world leaders, experts and elders have made an unprecedented call in an open letter for guarantees that COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics, tests and treatments will be patent-free, mass produced, distributed fairly and made available to all people, in all countries, free of charge

Sachs: What Asian nations know about squashing COVID-19, CNN, 03 May 20:
Several places in the Asia-Pacific, incl New Zealand, S.Korea and Vietnam, have successfully controlled the pandemic. How is it that one part of the world is succeeding, while the other part refuses to learn the lessons of success?, asks Columbia U Ctr Sustainable Devt dir

Taiwan and Stanford discussing project on safe international travel, China Post/Taiwan, 18 May 20:
Taiwan is in talks with Stanford Univ to create a protocol for travelers that would help shorten the amount of time they have to stay in quarantine when they go abroad, Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center confirmed Mon (18 May). The project was proposed by researchers at Stanford

COVID-19 could bring about a 'new deal' for millions of Asia's informal workers, WEForum / IMF (blog),  by Rhee and Dabla-Norris, 06 May 20:
Informal workers account for nearly 60% of non-farm employment, higher than in other parts of the world, but typically have no access to sick leave or unemployment benefits. The lockdowns have revealed the vulnerability of these workers, write IMF senior economists

Posted on Mon, 11 May 2020:

South Korea, Germany show life beyond lockdown isn't what people think it will be, CNN, 10 May 20 [via News18/India]:
Two countries have been widely held up as examples of how to handle a pandemic: S. Korea and Germany. So how are they preparing to return to "normal" life? In one word: Cautiously. And those watching enviously from other countries may notice that much remains far from normal

World leaders pledge $8 billion to fight COVID-19 but US steers clear, Reuters, 04 May 20:
Organisers included the European Union and non-EU countries Britain, Norway and Saudi Arabia. Leaders from Japan, Canada, South Africa and dozens of other countries joined the virtual event on Mon (4 May), while China was only represented by its ambassador to the EU

Why restoring and deepening global trade is vital in response to COVID 19 -- Trade ministers of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and UK, NZ Herald, 28 Apr 20:
We are four independent trading nations who have derived success by operating globally. One in five Australian jobs is trade related. In New Zealand that number is one in four. Nearly two-thirds of Singapore's GDP is generated by external demand. Almost two-thirds of UK's economy is made up of trade

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