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Latest Web Links -- Mon, 14 Sep 2020:

People – not countries – should be given priority for Covid-19 vaccine, WHO says, CNN, 05 Sep 20:
"The first priority must be to vaccinate some people in all countries, rather than all people in some countries," said the WHO dir-gen during a briefing. "We want all people everywhere to have access. But initially, when supply is limited, priority must be given to essential workers and those most at risk"

The convergence hypothesis -- Are poor countries catching up with rich countries?, Amer Econ Assn, Apr '20:
The economies of today's wealthiest nations raced ahead of the rest of the world about two centuries ago. More recently, countries like Japan seem to have successfully copied this playbook, and it appears so do others like China. But unfortunately those countries are the exception rather than the rule

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Posted on Wed, 02 Sep 2020:

EU offers 400 million euros to WHO-led Covid-19 vaccine initiative, Reuters, 01 Sep 20:
The European Commission said on Mon (31 Aug) that it would contribute to an initiative led by the World Health Org to buy the vaccines, while the WHO said Germany had joined the pact. At least 172 nations have registered expressions of interest in the scheme, incl 92 low- and middle-income nations

Sweden's Covid-19 response praised by WHO official, despite higher death rate, Fortune, by C Daly and Bloomberg,  31 Aug 20:
One of the WHO's six special envoys on Covid-19 said the key to a sustainable coronavirus strategy is trust. "In Sweden, the govt was able to trust the public and the public was able to trust the govt," he said. But Sweden's response still has many critics, incl from within the country

Europe's travel windows are slamming shut, CNN, 29 Aug 20:
Just weeks after many countries opened their borders to travelers within the continent, some have been closing again, often at such short notice. As a result, many holidaymakers must now decide whether to postpone, cancel, or go ahead and resign themselves to two weeks of self-isolating on their return

Posted on Fri, 21 Aug 2020:

WHO blasts 'vaccine nationalism' in last-ditch push against hoarding, Reuters, 18 Aug 20:
Nations that hoard possible Covid-19 vaccines while excluding others will deepen the pandemic, the World Health Org chief said. The WHO has a 31 Aug deadline for wealthier nations to join the "Covax Global Vaccines Facility" for sharing vaccine hopefuls with developing nations

Indonesia opens travel corridor deal with 3 countries amid pandemic, Tempo (Indonesia), 21 Aug 20:
The Indonesian govt has signed a deal with China, S Korea, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), establishing travel corridors for air travel with strict health restrictions. The deal with China was established on Thurs (21 Aug), which followed the one with S Korea (17 Aug) and the UAE (29 July)

Europe extends its travel ban -- and Americans are still not allowed in, Afar Magazine, 15 Aug 20:
An updated list of countries whose citizens will be allowed to travel to Europe has been agreed upon by the EU, effective 8 Aug, and it does not include the US. However, Germany is only allowing in 7 of the 10 listed nations, while Croatia is open to all travelers with a negative Covid-19 test result

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