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Latest Web Links -- Tue, 30 June 2020:

Jeffrey Sachs: How inequality fuels Covid-19 deaths, Project Syndicate, 29 June 20 [via Author's site]:
The rich now work and thrive online, while the poor are losing their jobs and often their health and lives. And the costs of inequality are sure to rise further, as revenue-starved govts slash budgets and public services vital for the poor. But a reckoning is coming, writes Columbia U Ctr Sustainable Devt dir

Univ president's message on the removal of Woodrow Wilson name from the public policy school and Wilson College, Princeton Univ, 27 June 20:
Wilson's racism was significant and consequential even by the standards of his own time. He segregated the federal civil service after it had been racially integrated for decades. He not only acquiesced in but added to the persistent practice of racism in this country, a practice that continues to do harm today

"Travel bubble":  EU preparing to reopen its borders -- but probably not to Americans, CNN, 30 June 20:
The EU is preparing to reopen its external border to 15 countries outside of the bloc. However, the US -- where the coronavirus is currently resurging -- will not be on that list. On the proposed list of 15 nations is China, though only if China will offer entry on the condition of reciprocal arrangements

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Posted on Sat, 20 June 2020:

Wirecard CEO resigns after Asian banks say missing $2 billion doesn't exist, WSJ, 19 June 20 [via DJ on marketscreener.com]:
The chief exec resigned after two 
Philippine banks meant to be holding over $2 bil. on behalf of the fintech giant said they don't have the cash and never did. The resignation marks a turning point in the scandal engulfing the Munich-based firm, once one of Europe's rare tech success stories

19 Black economists to celebrate and know, this Juneteenth and beyond, Fortune, 19 June 20:
Economics is of great interest to Black people, who too often find themselves on the wrong side of America's divides in wealth and income. To turn the tide against blatant exclusion in their field, today's Black economists have been keen on supporting pipeline efforts through a variety of organizations

The difference between a second wave and a second peak of coronavirus, according to WHO, CNN, 20 June 20:
There are no specific definitions for classifying a second wave or a second peak of coronavirus, Dr Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Org's Health Emergencies Program, said during a briefing on Fri (19 June). Ryan did explain some differences between both

Coffers:  Burton Malkiel -- The day-trading pandemic, Wealthfront (blog), 17 June 20:
The coronavirus has wrought devastating harm to the health of our nation and to the vibrancy of our economy. With respect to financial markets, it has also given rise to a full-blown mania, writes Princeton U prof emeritus / author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Taiwan's one-week quarantine rule could be the new normal of business travel, Quartz, 17 June 20:
There's been much talk of "travel bubbles" between countries that have effectively stamped out Covid-19, but thus far none have been implemented. Taiwan's new rules for shortened quarantines, however, could give us an idea of what global business might look like in the months to come

Posted on Wed10 June 2020:

Supreme Court rules Brazil must share virus data, Deutsche Welle, 09 June 20: 
Brazil's top court ruled
on Tues (09 June) that the country's health ministry must continue reporting all data related to Covid-19 death and infection rates. The rapid ruling came after the ministry deleted large swathes of public info and said it would stop publishing cumulative totals

Ethiopia is beating Covid-19 -- with few ventilators and no lockdowns, FT, by D Pilling, 29 May 20 [via Channel News Asia/S'pore]:
For whatever reasons, Ethiopia has, thus far, avoided the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. According to official data, the east African country of 110 mil. people, the continent's 2nd most populous, has recorded just over 730 cases of Covid-19 and six Covid-related deaths

New Zealand lifts lockdown as it declares virus eliminated, for now, NYT, 09 June 20 [via abs-cbn.news/Philippines]:
New Zealand has no active coronavirus cases and no new cases, officials said Mon (08 June), declaring that life could return to a form of pre-pandemic normal. The country of 5 mil. people is one of only a few nations that appear to have eradicated the virus. Iceland is another

Covid-19 lessons from Iceland -- How one Nordic country has all but stopped the virus in its track, GeekWire, 17 May 20:
At 1st glance, Iceland's statistics might seem contradictory. The reason for its high case counts and low death rate: widespread and proactive testing. Because of aggressive testing, it's fully aware of the cases, explained Iceland's Director of Health, speaking during the Nordic Innovation Summit in Seattle

The man behind Sweden's pandemic response admits too many died, BBC News, 03 June 20:
The expert in charge of the country's response to Covid-19 told Swedish public radio: "If we were to encounter the same disease again, knowing exactly what we know about it today, I think we would settle on doing something in between what Sweden did and what the rest of the world has done

Nook & cranny:  Rewriting history - History turns toward the global, Harvard Magazine, Nov/Dec '14:
What happens when well-established national histories are placed in a global context? Suddenly, European industrialists and financiers of the global cotton trade (the commodity that started the Industrial Revolution) come into focus as architects of the slave culture that emerged in the cotton-growing American South

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