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Latest Web Links -- Sat, 09 Jan 2021:

Joseph Stiglitz: A global recovery's leading variables, Project Syndicate, 31 Dec 20 [via Livemint/India]:
Beyond the covid-19 infections, there will be two paramount questions in 2021. Will the EU and US enact recovery programs of the magnitude needed to restore the global economy? And will the intl community provide the developing world with the assistance it needs?, asks 2001 Nobel Laureate

Ngaire Woods: The brutal governance lessons of 2020, Project Syndicate, 29 Dec 20 [via Oxford Univ]:
Many wealthy countries did not manage the pandemic crisis as well as anticipated, whereas many poorer, populous, and vulnerable countries exceeded expectations, writes Oxford Univ's Blavatnik School of Government

WTO wrangle on covid vaccines intellectual property idea, AFP, 10 Dec 20 [via France24]:
The World Trade Org was debating a proposal to exempt covid-19 vaccines from intellectual property rights -- an idea staunchly opposed by pharmaceutical giants. The debate is being held at the request of India and S.Africa, which want to boost the global production of vaccine doses

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Posted on Wed, 23 Dec 2020

These places thought they'd nailed the virus. It's creeping back, BNNBloomberg, 23 Dec 20:
The Asia-Pacific region has largely avoided the unbridled outbreaks that continue to dog the US and Europe, but the pandemic's persistence elsewhere means it can be reintroduced to places that have quelled cases locally even with border curbs and mandatory quarantines

Covax global Covid vaccine program secures nearly 2 billion doses as Unicef prepares for distribution, CNBC, 18 Dec 20:
Covax, the global alliance aiming to deliver coronavirus vaccines to the world's poorest countries, said that it now has secured 2 billion doses through supply agreements. It is planning to deliver the 1st doses of vaccine in the 1st quarter of 2021

Accounting for carbon footprint changes view of human progress -- UN agency, AFP, 15 Dec 20 [via Business Recorder/Pakistan]:
A UNDP (UN Devt Prog) report that takes carbon footprints into account for the 1st time, presents world leaders with a choice: take "bold steps to reduce the immense pressure that is being exerted on the environment and the natural world", or risk stalling humanity's progress

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Posted on Thu10 Dec 2020

Poor countries seen missing out as rich nations hoard Covid-19 vaccines, Thomson Reuters Foundation, 09 Dec 20:
Nine out of 10 people in dozens of poor nations could miss out on getting vaccinated against Covid-19 next year because rich countries have hoarded far more doses than they need, the People's Vaccine Alliance said on Wed (09 Dec), a coalition incl Oxfam, Amnesty International and Global Justice Now

Shiller, Black & Jivra: Making sense of sky-high stock prices, Project Syndicate, 03 Dec 20 [via Jordan Times/MenaFN]:
Many have been puzzled that the world's stock markets haven't collapsed in the face of the pandemic and the econ downturn it has wrought. But with interest rates low, equities will continue to look attractive, write 2013 Nobel Laureate; Index Standard founder; and Imperial College visiting researcher

Tireless proponent of government-led innovation - Mariana Mazzucato, Finance & Development, Sep/Nov '20:
Her main message is that governments around the world need to seize their power to lead innovation for the betterment of humanity. Just now she's immersed in applying her ideas to the Covid-19 crisis as a member of various task forces as well as in her customary role of economics agitator

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