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emerging and frontier markets:

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Latest Web Links -- Sun, 10 Mar 2019:

Trade war results in substantial losses for US and other countries, Princeton Univ, 04 Mar 19:
"The Trump tariffs were almost completely passed through into domestic prices up to now, meaning that almost all of the costs so far have been shouldered by US consumers and importers," says economist Stephen Redding, co-author of the new study

Brill and Flint: Carbon tax most efficient in tackling climate change, Houston Chronicle, 01 Mar 19 [courtesy Amer Enterp Inst]:
There are 3 approaches policy makers can consider when they want to shift behavior among consumers/producers: require people/businesses to change (regulations), pay them to change (subsidies), or price the unwanted behavior (a tax), write Inst fellow; and Market Solutions 
Alliance dir

Class analyst – A profile of Branko Milanovic, a leading scholar of inequality, Finance & Development, Mar-May ’19:
His 2013 article delineated what became known as the "elephant curve" because of its shape. It shows that over the 20 years that he calls the period of "high globalization", huge increases in wealth were unevenly distributed across the world

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Posted on Thu, 28 Feb 2019:

David Dollar: The Hanoi summit shines a light on the "Vietnam model" of development, Brookings (blog), 27 Feb 19:
The choice of summit venue naturally draws attention to Vietnam, which some N.Korean officials have expressed an interest in following. Vietnam as a model can be interpreted in various ways, and my focus is on the econ model, writes Inst senior fellow / fmr World Bank economist

Can we build a better society? International panel publishes report on social progress, Princeton U, 29 Nov 18:
Bringing together nearly 300 researchers from around the world, the Intl Panel for Social Progress worked for 3 years to examine the prospects for social progress in light of today's social sciences       (Background on intl panel [pdf] | Panel co-founder: Re-inventing the world together)

Nook and cranny: Build more, build right -- Development finance, infrastructure and climate change, OECD Observer, Nov '15:
To meet the infra requirements, we definitely need to build more. We need infra that helps reduce poverty, encourages competiveness, and at the same time, we need to make sure that we reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and that all investments are climate resilient

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