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Latest Web Links -- Mon, 14 Aug 2017:

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Don't impose steel tariffs, Mr Pres, Open Letter from 15 Former White House Chief Economists, 12 July 17 [PDF, Amer Action Forum]
Signed by: M Bailey, B Bernanke, M Boskin, M Feldstein, J Furman, A Goolsbee, A Greenspan, G Hubbard, A Krueger, E Lazear, G Mankiw, C Romer, H Rosen, J Stiglitz, and LTyson

The same deal (in trade), US News & World Report, by C Barfield, 11 Aug 17:
Democrats have heeded the lessons of the last election – and apparently turned to White House trade policy advisers for guidance on "econ nationalism".  Actually, they haven't, writes Amer Enterp Inst resident scholar

The next generation of growth in Asia, Credit Suisse, by O Adler, 11 Aug 17:
Since WW2, Asia has experienced 3 "economic miracles": 1) the tremendous growth of Japan; 2) the rise of the 4 Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, S.Korea, Singapore and Taiwan; and 3) the China-led growth, writes chief economist in the office of chief invest. officer

Posted on Sun, 06 Aug 2017:

Gramm and Solon: Reagan cut taxes, revenue boomed, WSJ, 03 Aug 17 [courtesy Amer Enterp Inst]:
A great advantage of having been present when history was made is that later you can sometimes recall what actually happened. Such institutional memory is important today in assessing the 1981 Reagan tax cuts, write fmr Senate banking cmte chair; and US Policy Metrics partner

Jeffrey Sachs: Ending the Ronald Reagan lie, Boston Globe, 11 July 17 [courtesy Columbia Univ]:
With his sneering disrespect for government, Reagan ushered in nearly four decades of tax cuts, deregulation, and rising inequality that now threaten to devour our future, writes Columbia U Ctr Sustainable Devt dir

A "dark side" to the commodity boom in Africa, Amer Econ Assn News, 28 June 17:
Economists have long noted that resource extraction can be a double-edged sword for developing economies. Commodity prices are volatile, and focusing too much on one cash cow industry can leave other industries neglected

Posted on Wed, 02 Aug 2017:

What "America First" means for US foreign aid, Brookings (blog), 27 July 17:
When Pres Trump unveiled his budget proposal, one thing was clear: "America First" meant fewer funds for foreign aid. But many lawmakers who disagree are finding constructive ways to push back, one of the topics in the 2017 Blum Roundtable on 02-04 Aug

Greg Mankiw: Why health care policy is so hard, NY Times, 30 July 17 [PDF, courtesy Harvard]:
The recent collapse of the Senate health care bills raises some questions: How does 
health care differ from most of the other goods and services that the economy produces? What makes health policy so vexing?, asks Pres GW Bush's Council Econ Advisers chair

Univ Penn's Jere Behrman on early childhood development in developing countries, Univ Chicago, 28 June 17:
As an example of his new focus in devt, he notes that 25% of the world's children are stunted - ie, short for their age due primarily to undernutrition. "Why do we care?," he asks       (Well-designed early childhood devt progs can pay big dividends, WB)
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