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Latest Web Links -- Fri, 07 Dec 2018:

Splits deepen as UN climate talks near crunch time, AP, 07 Dec 18:
Divisions deepened at the UN climate talks in Katowice, Poland on Thu, pitting rich nations against poor ones, oil exporters against vulnerable island nations, and those govts prepared to act on global warming against those who want to wait and see

Will the environment be the true victim of the French fuel-tax riots?, BBC, 05 Dec 18:
The pictures of Paris swathed in tear gas, with burning cars and angry protesters rampaging through the streets in high-vis jackets demanding an end to a fuel tax rise have been seen across the world. Yet, the original reason for the increase became somewhat lost

Hanna, Khan & Olken: Targeting the poor, Finance & Development, Dec '18:
The informality of the workforce means that few people are captured by the tax system, so it is hard to verify income. And many households remain unbanked, so transferring funds to them is logistically difficult, write Harvard, London Sch Econ and MIT economists

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Posted on Mon, 19 Nov 2018:

APEC fails to reach consensus as US-China divide deepens, Reuters, 18 Nov 18:
Asia-Pacific leaders failed to agree on a communique at a summit in Papua New Guinea on Sun for the 1st time in their history as deep divisions between the US and China over trade and investment stymied cooperation

China downplays failure to reach APEC joint statement, AFP, 19 Nov 18:
Beijing on Mon downplayed the unprecedented fallout from this year's APEC summit. Washington had pressed for leaders to issue what amounted to a denunciation of the World Trade Org and a call for its wholesale reform -- a step too far for Beijing

US should create fund to counter Chinese infrastructure deals – commission, Reuters, 14 Nov 18:
The US govt should create a fund to counter Chinese infrastructure financing deals in the developing world that export China's "model of authoritarian governance," acc to a new bipartisan commission report to Congress       (World Bank: Brief--China's Belt and
Road Initiative)

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