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Latest Web Links -- Sat, 13 Jan 2018:

Manufacturing transformation set to create a two-speed world, World Econ Forum, 12 Jan 18:
A new report reveals that only 25 nations are in the best position to gain as production systems stand on the brink of exponential change. Japan is leading globally in current baseline of production, while the US is best positioned to capitalize on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Martin Feldstein: The tax reform legislation of 2017, American Econ Assn Meetings, 04 Jan 18 [PDF, courtesy Harvard]:
Early critics claimed that the Republicans would not be able to cooperate enough to pass tax legislation and that, if they did, it would be just a tax cut rather than tax reform. After the bill passed, the critics said it was just written at the last minute and aimed at favoring only the rich, writes Pres Reagan's Council Econ Advisers chair

Jeffrey Schott: Troubling complacency among the world's trade ministers, Peterson Inst (blog), 19 Dec 17:
Trade ministers of member countries of the World Trade Org met in Buenos Aires in early Dec. However, they could not even agree on a joint declaration on how they spent their sunny days in Argentina, writes Inst senior fellow

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Posted on Wed, 03 Jan 2018:

Spence and Karniol-Tambour: The missing ingredients of growth, Project Syndicate, 02 Jan 18 [via CFR (blog)]:
The primary determinant of GDP growth - and the inclusivity of growth patterns - will, in time, be gains in productivity. Yet there are several important items related to that missing from the policy mix, writes 2001 Nobel Laureate; and Bridgewater Assoc invest res head

Iran's beleaguered economy, Milken Inst, by Robert Looney, Sep '17:
Iran's major power groups apparently agree that reducing its 30 pct-plus youth unemployment should be the 1st priority. However, liberals and conservatives disagree as to how to do this, writes Naval Postgrad School economist

Top geopolitical risks for 2018, Eurasia Group, 02 Jan 18:
Yes, markets are soaring and the economy isn't bad, but the global order is unraveling. If we had to pick one year for a big unexpected crisis - the geopolitical equivalent of the 2008 financial meltdown - it feels like 2018. Sorry about that

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