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Latest Web Links --  Fri, 14 June 19:

Arthur Laffer: Capitalism vs income redistribution, explained, Fox Business, 22 May 19:
As the late Milton Friedman quipped, if socialists took control of the Sahara Desert, there would soon be a shortage of sand, writes author known for the "Laffer curve"       (Fmr econ adviser to Reagan, Thatcher hired by Ukraine)

Trump gives world's worst economist the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Slate, by J Weissmann, 31 May 19:
The White House press release calls Laffer the "father of supply-side economics", the conservative doctrine that emphasizes growth through tax cuts. First, he's not really the father of this movement

Atish Ghosh: Lord Keynes pays a visit, Finance & Development, Jun/Aug '19:
What if Lord Keynes, who helped usher in the post–World War II economic order at the Bretton Woods conference, were to visit the IMF today, imagines the IMF historian

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Posted on Thu, 30 May 2019:

China's state planner suggests using rare earths as leverage in US trade war, FT, 28 May 19 (via Los Angeles Times):
Rare earths, a group of 17 metals with a variety of high-tech applications, are used in components that go into everything from iPhones to missiles to electric vehicles and LED lighting. They are the one raw material of which China dominates global supply

What's wrong with inequality?, Inst Fiscal Studies/UK, by Debra Satz, 14 May 19:  
In order for policymakers to contribute effectively to deliberation about various policies that affect inequality, they need to grasp the reasons why some inequalities are objectionable and others not, writes Stanford dean        (Media release: IFS Deaton Review of inequalities)

The radical plan to change how Harvard teaches economics, Vox/US, 22 May 19
A Harvard economist has an idea for introducing students to econ that could transform the field — and society. Raj Chetty, a prominent faculty member whom Harvard recently poached back from Stanford, this spring has unveiled a new course

Posted on Sun, 12 May 2019:

Branstetter: How to stop China's technology heist, Milken Inst Review, 26 Apr 19:
As China seeks to build up its capabilities to produce electric vehicles, European automakers complain they are being pressured to turn over sensitive technology to joint venture partners who may later compete with them, writes Peterson Inst senior fellow

Working on thin files - Raghuram Rajan, Euromoney, 09 May 19:
"As an academic or a thinker, if you're not criticized, then you're not really doing your job," says India's fmr central bank
governor. "You're providing anodyne commentary, which everyone can go along with and which upsets no one"

How climate change affects economies around the world, Univ Chicago News, 03 May 19:
An environmental/development economist, who is also a founding member of the Climate Impact Lab, discusses the role of the environment and environmental change in the shaping how societies develop

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