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Latest Web Links -- Tue, 08 Jan 2019:

World Bank chief 's exit could give Trump lever over development lending, AFP, 08 Jan 19 [via Yahoo News]:
The surprise early departure of WB Pres Kim potentially hands Trump a key lever over devt lenders with whom his admin has been at odds. But if he wants an American in the post, he will need to pick one who can win the support of most shareholders

Editorial: The global carbon tax revolt, WSJ, 03 Dec 18 [courtesy outline.com]:
France's violent Yellow Vest protests are now about many domestic concerns, but it's no accident that the trigger was a fuel-tax hike. A carbon tax is in theory a more efficient way than regulation to reduce carbon emissions

Krugman: Hope for a green new year, NYT, 31 Dec 18 [via Seattle Times]:
There are big advantages to discouraging pollution by putting a price on emissions, which you can do either by imposing a tax or by creating a cap-and-trade system in which people buy and sell emission permits. A carbon tax is, however, a tax -- which will upset the people who have to pay it, writes 2008 Nobel Laureate

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Posted on Sun, 23 Dec 2018:

Robert Stavins: An economist's take on the Poland climate conference - The glass is more than half full, Conversation, 18 Dec 18:
The climate change confab that wrapped up on 15 Dec had a challenging mission. In Paris, 196 nations agreed in 2015 to curb global greenhouse gas emissions. Now they had to agree on rules and guidelines for how to do it, writes Harvard envir econ prog dir

Jeffrey Sachs: The war on Huawei, Project Syndicate, 13 Dec 18 [via Korea Herald]:
The US rarely arrests senior biz execs, US or foreign, for alleged crimes committed by their firms. Yes, managers should be held to account for their firm's malfeasance; but to start this practice with a leading Chinese biz exec is a stunning provocation to China, writes Columbia U Ctr Sustainable Devt dir

Eswar Prasad: India's central bank under attack
, Project Syndicate, 14 Nov 18 [PDF, courtesy Cornell U]:
Indian PM Modi's govt has launched an all-out political assault on the Reserve Bank of India, and the barrage of criticism is already taking a toll on the institution, writes Brookings Inst senior fellow / Cornell economist       (Das assumes charge as India CB governor)

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