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Latest Web Links -- Sun, 28 May 2017:

G7 leaders divided on climate change, closer on trade issues, Reuters, 27 May 17:
Under pressure from Group of Seven allies in a summit in Italy, US Pres Trump backed a pledge to fight protectionism on Sat, but refused to endorse a global climate change accord, saying he needed more time to decide

Romer slaughters kittens, New York Univ (blog), 25 May 17:
It is no surprise that the World Bank has its own homegrown insurgents ready to wage their version of asymmetric warfare.. One of those ways is via rumors, writes WB chief economist       (Romer's internal WB blog)

At the World Bank, a shortage of concrete (language), NYT, 14 Apr 16:
A computer analysis of the bank's annual reports found a sharp decline in factual precision, replaced by a bureaucratic gobbledygook whose meaning is hard to decipher       (Stanford Literary Lab: Bankspeak - The language of WB reports)  [Pls scroll to item No.9]

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Posted on Thu, 25 May  2017:

Robert Shiller: Understanding today's stagnation, Project Syndicate, 23 May 17 [via Financial Advisor Mag]:
The fact that people are willing to tie up their money for ten years at such low rates suggests that there has been a long trend toward pessimism, writes 2013 Nobel Laureate

World Bank's star economist is sidelined in war over words, Bloomberg News, 25 May 17:
The WB's chief economist, Paul Romer, is relinquishing oversight of the Development Economics Group, the bank's research hub, after researchers rebelled against his efforts to make them communicate more clearly

Why Vietnam will shape the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Brookings (blog), by M Solis, 19 May 17:
While Vietnam stands to enhance the value of the TPP in several ways, the country is in fact with the most to lose from the US dropping out of the trade agreement, writes Inst senior fellow

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